This IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is designed for police officers on the front line. It provides the critical items that a police officer will need to save their own or partner's life after a gunshot wound.

The items in this kit are specifically chosen to combat injuries that could prove fatal.  This kit could be the difference between life or death. If you are working the front line, this item is a MUST to attach to your ballistic vest. 

This kit is fully designed and stocked by Medical Response - and heavily subsidised for our police officers.

Contents include:

  • Molle tear-away IFAK bag in black, green or tan.
  • 1x OLAES Modular 4" Trauma bandage (with pressure cup for increased pressure on wound site).
  • 1x Celox 2gm satchel - Haemostatic agent for fast wound clotting.
  • 2x HALO chest seal - Occlusive dressings for penetrating chest trauma.  Two seals allow for entry and exit wounds.
  • 1x SOFTT-W Gen III Torniquet - The most critical part of your kit.  For life threatening limb haemorrhage.
  • 1x CPR Face shield
  • 1x Talon black nitrile tactical gloves
  • 2x Gauze swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm for wound packing.
  • 1x Trauma shears (3.5" mini shears).

Advanced airway kit (extra $25):

This is an addon to the IFAK for officers with advanced first aid or paramedical training. It includes critical airway components:

  • 1x Nasopharangeal Airway (NPA) 9.3mm in vacuum packaging with lubricant satchet.
  • 1x Chest needle decompression kit - 14ga needle for the treatement of tension pneumothorax.

Colours (See photos above):

  • Black
  • Green
  • Tan

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Police & Military IFAK

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